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Rowan - Year One

  • Rowan-yesterday
    From Tuesday, October 9, 2012 when she was born, through October 8, 2013, here are all the photos of Rowan in order by date.

AmyLouLa Gardens

  • 052209-Clematis2a
    I am passionate about gardening, thanks to my inherited-from-my-grandfather green thumb. Here are a multitude of shots so you get an idea of what's a-growin'!

AmyLouLa Photographs

  • RedHeadPrettyTree
    I love to take pictures. Here are portfolio shots from back in the day. I used to take lots of portraits, mostly of friends. They were great exercises in creativity. Almost all of these are from back in the early '90s! They are all scans of printed photographs. ACTUAL photographs. Not digital prints! Old skool, baby! (I will add more photos as I take them.)

AmyLouLa Knits

  • James's Baby Blankie, Close Up
    Also in love with the knitting. Here are some finished projects...

The Pride

  • P9010062
    Why yes, I am a cat person. I adore them, and they reward me with unconditional kitty love.

Pam's 40th Birthday Trip

  • DSC_0145
    Between January 10 and January 17, 2010, I went to Florida for Pam's 40th birthday. Here are the pictures and highlights.

Last Months in L.A.

  • Silly
    I have many wonderful friends and have done many wonderful things in Los Angeles since I've moved here. I am filling up my time now making as many memories as I can before Bradley and I move to Knoxville. I'm going to document these last few weeks with as many photos as I can take. Click on any of these images to get started...

Keep Up With...

  • Catherine
    My theatre friend Catherine reviews movies.
  • Danny
    My friend and former co-worker Danny: This is his band.
  • Erica
    My sister Pam's good friend Erica. We all used to work together back in Florida. She's an author, a mom and a blogger.
  • Grant
    My friend Grant's website featuring his original music.
  • Jeannie
    Grant's wife Jeannie, and her blog about cooking with the kids.
  • Joy
    My friend Joy's business website. She's a terrific designer!
  • Kathleen
    My friend Kathleen is a terrific writer. If you need a copywriter, proofer, editor... check out her site. She's amazing!
  • Marianne
    Marianne is an amazing artist and designer! Click here to buy her stuff or book her services.
  • Liz
    Just another everyday goddess livin' the dream in La La Land.
  • Lyndon
    My friend and theatre buddy Lyndon. He's an awesome photographer, too!
  • Morgan
    Morgan and I worked together at Starbucks. She's an amazing photographer!
  • Ron
    Ron does fantastic Cali-based photographic art.
  • Julie
    My Orlando friend Julie's personal blog, The Art of Eating Solo. Enjoy!